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Necta Krea Vending Machine

The Necta Krea shows just how simple vending coffee machines should be, delivering delicious, freshly ground coffee at the push of a button and hot chocolate, while the lighter-weight slimmer design, makes this the perfect table-top, or floor standing self-service hot drink machine.

An ideal choice for offices, canteens, and in self-service locations.

The Necta Krea uses freeze-dried milk or powdered, so if you are not able to oversee the use of the machine or have the ability to refrigerate milk, this is worth consideration.

Perfect for remote sites, such as mining or areas with limited staff – Capacity 120 cups a day

Benchtop or floor standing coffee vending machine

The Krea is a bench top model but you can also choose to purchase the Necta Krea stand, this turns it into a floor standing model and comes with a kit inside allowing you to drain the drip tray and grounds bin into the cabinet/stand. This works well for those who don’t have the staff to empty the drip tray or grounds bin on a regular basis.



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